How to Equip Items,EquipPoints,and Item Types

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How to Equip Items,EquipPoints,and Item Types Empty How to Equip Items,EquipPoints,and Item Types

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Ship Size and Equip Points

Okay, take a deep breath! The next part of this tutorial might sound a little complex, but once you've read through it a couple of times, and (more importantly) actually played the game for a little while, it will make a lot more sense.

You probably noticed that each ship has a Cog symbol with a number on it. Those numbers are its maximum Equipment Points (EPs).

Each type of ship has a different maximum EP value associated with it. The bigger (and more expensive) the ship, the higher the maximum EP value is. Shuttles are the smallest ships and only have a rating of 3 EP. The largest ship type, the Wyrd Terminus, has an EP rating of 18.

A larger EP cap lets you put more items (and more powerful items) into your ship. You can compare it to small houses and big houses. The larger the house, the more furniture you can put into it. You just aren't able to fit the same amount of furniture you could in a mansion into a double-wide trailer.

The Shuttle, as seen from the Ship Factory menu on Earth. Note that Shuttles are 3 EP.

Okay, got that? Good! Now...
1) Every item in the game has an EP value associated with it.
2) That number tells you how big the item is (ranging from I to XX).
3) When you put an item into your ship, it "fills" your ship up, making less room for other equipment.
4) You cannot put a piece of equipment onto your ship if that item exceeds your ship's maximum EP value. For example: Shuttles have a rating of 3 EP. You cannot put an EP 4-sized laser gun into that just won't fit (and you must acquit!)

A Pulverizer II weapon with a size of 2 EP, 100% durability, and a price of 3,000 credits. This gun would fit into a Shuttle (3 EP max), leaving 1 EP open for another item.
Equipping Your Ship With An Item

Now that you've bought a new ship I bet you're itching to get some items for it to make yourself stronger. Well, first things first....

I have a feeling that most of you will want more Storage space so you can haul around more resources before needing to make a stop at a StarPort for selling. All new players start with a common Storage I item in their inventories. It should look like the below image:

To equip a Storage I (or any other item you've purchased), Tap on your ship to open up the Ship Screen.

Pres the Inventory tab, and you will be able to see all the items in your ship's inventory. From the Inventory screen you gain access to other features such as placing items in your Bank and opening your Bank to take items out (but only while in Blue sectors).

Now that you know how to see what items are in your inventory, it is time to (finally!) equip them.

Press the Equipment tab, and you will open up the Equipment Screen. This screen is where you install items into your ship and get a summary of your ship's overall statistics.

While on the Equipment Screen, press the appropriate slot (in this case, STORAGE) to bring up the Equip a Storage Item screen. This screen lets you choose which type of Storage item you want to equip in case you have different ones in your inventory.

Select your desired Storage item with the green reticle, and press the Equip button. Your new Storage I item is now equipped, and your screen should look something like this:

Note that the EquipPoint (EP) now reads 1 of 3 used. This means there is room for one or two more items.

The tutorial account went ahead and equipped the two other items it had in the inventory (Autocannon I and Composite Hull I). Here's what the Equipment screen looks like now:

Note that the ship is now "full." Instead of installing a 1 EP Hull item, NewGuy could have put in a 2 EP weapon instead! Mix and match and play around, find out what works best for your playstyle.
Item Types and Item Rarity
Without getting too bogged-down in details, below are simple descriptions of the types of items you can discover in The Infinite Black:

1) Armor is the hull of your ship and can greatly influence how many Hull Points your ship has. Some armors may have an effect on Jump speed.
2) Storage lets you carry around more resources.
3) Engines' primary functions are determining Jump speed, but they can have other Stealth Drives.
4) Computers allow you to specialize your ship, but those powerful bonuses can come with a price. Some computers give experience bonuses, and others can give you extra EPs!
5) Harvesters' primary purpose is to harvest asteroids more efficiently, but they are also powerful defensive devices.
6) Special items allow you to take on different roles such as Tanks, Technicians (healers), or Scouts. Anyone familiar with RPGs will understand this concept.

Just as there are many different types of items, there are also many different Rarities (or grades) of them. As the rarity of an item increases, so does its statistics. An Ultra-Rare Storage I item is far better than a Common Storage I item, for instance. That being said, there are level requirements to equip the rarest and best equipment. Items are color-coded by their rarity to make it easier to distinguish the really special ones from common trash.

1) Common items are entry-level newbie gear, and are white. These are availabe at level 0.
2) Uncommon items are beginner items, and are green in color. These become usable at level 7.
3) Rare items are intermediate items, and are colored blue. These are usable at level 14.
4) Ultra-Rare items are intermediate-advanced items, and are purple. Players over level 21 can equip these.
5) Legendary items are intermediate-advanced items, are extraordinarily powerul, and colored orange. Unlocked at level 28.
6) Precursor Artifacts are items created by powerful aliens that existed long before humans. These items are colored red and can be used by players level 35 or higher.
7) Ultimate Items are the final equipment tier in The Infinite Black. These items are extraordinarily powerful, and only obtained by fighting difficult opponents in The Rift. Ultimates are colored silver and can be used by players level 42+.

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