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Ships Basics and Trading Empty Ships Basics and Trading

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Your ship appears on the center-right side of the screen. NPC and other players' ships appear on the far right of the screen. There's some useful information there, so let's go through it:

1) Player Name (NewPlayer)
2) Privateer - That means you are not part of a player-made Corporation or an Alliance. If you are a member of one, that name will appear here instead. New accounts can join Corporations after reaching Level 1.
3) Level - as you fight enemies, you will gain experience. As you gain experience, you will gain levels. By gaining levels, you will get access to more powerful equipment and gain some stat bonuses, too!
4) Ship Type - The type of ship appears underneath your Level. The background image also changes based on what kind of ship you are currently using.
5) Hull Points (HP) - This is the defensive strength of your ship, and indicates the amount of damage you can take before you die. As you can see here, NewGuy's ship has 1,175 HP.

Buying Your First Ship
So, you've managed to scrounge together enough credits to buy your first ship, eh? Well, here's how you do it...
1) Go to Earth
2) Tap Earth
3) Tap the Ship Factory
4) Select the ships on the left to view their information
5) Once you have found the ship you want to buy, press Buy Ship
6) Press on Use Ship to get into that ship.

Once you have purchased a ship it is yours forever to use. You can move back into old ships by using the Ship Factory interface.

If you die while participating in PVP with a larger ship, you will be locked out of using that ship for an amount of time. In the meantime, you will need to use a smaller ship, selected at the Ship Factory.

Earth only sells the first 6 types of ships (including free shuttles). The rest are available at Alliance Planets, those which are run by other players. You will probably want to buy a Corvette or Frigate as your first ship. Upgrading your ship gives you more room to equip bigger and better items. Equipment and Items are discussed in another Tutorial section.
Ship Actions
By tapping on your ship you gain access to Ship Actions, your Inventory, and your Equipment screens.

1) Earth Jump - Use 2 Black Dollars (BDs) to immediately Jump to Earth
2) Corp HQ Jump - Use 2 Black Dollars (BDs) to immediately Jump to your Corporation Headquarters.
3) Jettison Resoruces - Allows you to dump your stored resources into a sector for someone else to pick up.
4) Repair Hull With Metals - utilizes metals to repair your ship (1 metal reapairs 150 hull). You can also do this by long-pressing on your ship.

By tapping on another player's ship you can see their personal inventories, equipped items, and gain access to special ship-to-ship Actions.

1) Attack - Initiate combat with an enemy player, but only if it's in a Black sector where PVP is enabled.
2) Follow - This allows you to follow another ship as they move around the map. This is useful for grouping-up and hunting in parties.
3) Trade - Initiate a secure, two-sided trade between you and another player. You can trade credits, Black Dollars (BDs), and/or items. Further detailed below.
4) Transfer - send your resources to another player, a one-way trade.
5) Invite - Invites a player to your Corporation, but only if you have the appropriate rank to do so.
6) Message - initiate a Private Message (PM) with the player.

Out of these six buttons, you will likely use Trade and Follow the most often.
Trading money and items between ships is a multi-step process.

To initiate a Trade with another player, tap on the Trade button. You will be presented with the initial trade window.

Select what you want to trade to the player (credits, Black Dollars, and/or an item from your inventory) by tapping on the appropriate category. Using the numberpad, enter the desired currency amounts. By pressing on the storage box, you can view your inventory and select the item you wish to trade to another player.

When you have finished entering your part of the trade, tap the Accept button. The Trade Request will then be sent to the other player. At that point the other player can enter their side of the trade or hit cancel to stop the transaction.

After the other player submits their part of the trade, the Trade Screen will re-appear on your screen, and will see their offer. If it is what you agreed on, click Accept, and the trade will be completed.

BIGBOY has offered NewGuy 1 BD for his trade of 100 credits and the Storage I item. NewGuy can finalize the trade by clicking Accept.

BUYER BEWARE! Do not ever trade someone an item or money without seeing what you've been promised first! If someone says they'll get something to you later or that the item is on another account, they're probably trying to scam you! The Market/Auction House is the safest way to buy and sell items!

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