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The Map and Game World Empty The Map and Game World

Post by KingCrazy on Fri Aug 23, 2013 7:42 pm

The Map
Sectors are points of interest in the galaxy where you can encounter many things -- including NPC ships, other players, asteroids, planets and StarPorts. Initially, new players will have a small number of sectors explored on the map. You move between these sectors by using your ship's Jump Engines. To move to a new sector, tap on it to select it, then press the Jump button.

There are different kinds of sectors displayed on the map:

1) The Green Sector - This is the sector you are currently in. In this image, it is at Earth.
2) Blue Sectors - These sectors are completely safe, and surround Earth. There is no combat in Blue Sectors
3) Grey Sectors - Weak NPCs can be found here, and PVP is disabled. New players will want to play here to learn the ropes and to make some easy money!
4) Empty Sectors - These are unexplored sectors. There is one on the bottom left-hand corner of the image.
5) Yellow Sectors - When you choose a location on the map to Jump to, the sectors you will travel through are highlighted yellow.

6) Black Sectors - These sectors make up the bulk of the map, and have more challenging NPC opponents than grey sectors. You can also fight other players here.
7) Invasion Sectors - NPCs invade the galaxy sometimes! These sectors are very challenging and are designed for groups. Invasion sectors are black sectors with red outlines and an additional icon telling you what kind invasion it is (Heteroclites, in this image).
Cool Garrison Sectors - These are sectors that contain a Corporation's Headquarters. These are primarily defensive structures used in Alliance vs Alliance PVP.
9) Planet Sectors - Every Alliance gets a planet of their own. Planets can be Terraformed by their members to unlock better ships for their members to buy.
The Rift
The Rift is a map expansion to the game. Think of it as a new galaxy. You access the Rift by going to the BD menu and Selecting Jump The Rift. You return to the old Galaxy by using the same button, by using Earth Jump, Corp Jump, or dying. You can place Garrisons and Planets in the Rift. The Rift also has quite a bit higher drop rate for items.

The Rift is very challenging, and is not for new players! Rift Invasions should be considered to be end-game content for advanced players and Alliances. It is meant for groups, not solo players. NPCs in the Rift can crit for over 4000 damage, so be careful!

Rift Jumping in either direction is blocked by Planets, Garrisons, and Invasions. This incldues friendly structures.

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