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The Game Screen and Menu Empty The Game Screen and Menu

Post by KingCrazy on Fri Aug 23, 2013 7:43 pm

The Game Screen

1. Currency (Credits and Black Dollars)
2. Resources (Organic, Gas, Metal, Radioactive, Dark Matter
3. Cooldown Timers (Attack, BD Repair, Asteroid Harvester) and Hull Health
4. Chat Screen
5. Help! - Tutorials, Commands, FAQs, and Wiki Forums access
6. Player Market and Auction
7. Scanner (currently disabled)
8. Alliance and Corporation List
9. Black Dollar (BD) Menu
10. Mini-Chat and Events
11. The Jump Button (press to activate) and WayPoint Button (long-press to activate)
12. Map Zoom In/Out and Centering Buttons
13. Black Dollar Repair (press to activate) and Earth Jump (long-press to activate) - uses 2 BDs
14. Friendly Player List
15. NPC, Neutral and Enemy Player List
The Game Menu
Access the Menu by pressing Back or Menu softkey buttons on your phone.

1. Chat Filters - Toggle chat rooms on or off, Profanity Filter, disable Chat Sounds
2. Log & List Filters - Change how ships are displayed on the game screen and adjust how movement, attacks, and loot is logged on the Events Chat screen
3. Sound - Sound Effects volume control
4. Music - Music volume control
5. Visuals - Turn off Background Visual effects (reduces lag, saves on battery life)
6. Background - switch the background artwork
7. Help - The in-game ?Help section
8. Facebook - Opens our Facebook Page (and quits the game)
9. Forum - Opens up the TIB Message Board (and quits the game)
10. Exit & Defend Sector - Leaves your ship online to protect your Corporation Garrison while you are offline
11. Exit & Log Out - The only way to properly and safely exit the game!

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