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Post by KingCrazy on Sat Aug 24, 2013 10:43 pm

A list of common abbreviations and terms compiled by players of The Infinite Black.

ally = alliance - common association of corps
bd(s) = BlackDollar(s) - currency in the game
cord(s) - coordinates - location in the map
corp(s) = corporation - common association of players
dev = Devastator - most powerful ship
exe(c) = Executioner - very powerful ship
ej = earth jump - direct and safe way to earth
farm = farming - snatch up resources like radioactives, metals or organics
hq = headquarters - corp planet
hw = homeworld - corp planet
lvl = level - level points of a player
motd = message of the day - message system for leader to player
pve = player vs environment - combat with pirates etc.
pvp = player vs. player - combat between players or enemy corps
sp = starport - place where you can buy or sell resources
tib = the infinite black - name of the game
xp = experience - level points of a player

gen: general chat. Used for spamming bd sales and talking trash.
pm: private message. Used for any other comunication between players.
wc: wrong chat. Used when a player says something over gen they meant to say in a pm.

- bro = brother - name for corp or ally members
- cu = see you - say bye to your corp or ally
- k = ok or kilo (1,000)
- omw = on my way - player is on the way to ...
- ty = thank you

flag = The Flagship
Dread = The Dreadnought
u2 = You too
L8r = Later = CU/CU2
bro = Brother
umad bro = Are you mad/angry brother? (Expression mostly used by Murder Inc. and assosiates after they kill everything in sector)
log = Log Out
afk = Away From Keyboard (person does not log-out, but is busy doing something else.)

hunting=going in deep space for killing poeple and npc
cf=cease fire
nap=non attack pact

tform: terraform (a planet)
on [name of player]: follow a certain player
brohood: The Brotherhood (corp or alliance)
god or gods: Gods of Destruction (corp or alliance)
sf: Special Forces (corp or alliance)
spec or mod: specifications. How a ship is modified to fill different roles
gunner: ship spec maximizing damage, sacrificing hull and cargo space
tank: ship spec maximizing hull, sacrificing damage and cargo space
cargo (also tanker or truck, rarely): ship spec maximizing cargo space, sacrificing damage and hull
vette: corvette
frig: frigate
bship: battleship
scrub: essentially, cannon fodder, though the term can also be used pejoratively
noob, nub, or n00b: newbie, one who is new to the game, most often used pejoratively

plat = Defense Platform
dm or dkm = DarkMatter
rads = Radioactives
met = Metals
orgs = Organics
dc = Disconnect (or lag out)
QQ = Represents crying eyes. Appropriate response when someone is throwing a tantrum.

KandK = Kick and Kill
KOS = Kill On Sight

crit : critical (attack or chance)
acc: accuracy
aoe: area of effect, an attack or ability that affects more than one entity

ac : auto cannon
md: mass driver
lev: leviathan
pulv: pulverizer

brb= be right back
Mets= metals
bbl=be back latter
bbs =be back soon
smh =shake my head
knk =kick and kill
ej = earth jump
hd = hyperdeive
ms = mind surge
atk = attack or kill them fools
tba =to be announced

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