Farming grey; You got your BattleShip, now what?

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Farming grey; You got your BattleShip, now what? Empty Farming grey; You got your BattleShip, now what?

Post by DaGuide on Fri Sep 13, 2013 9:47 am

Congratulations on your BattleShip! Now you got this big new ship the farming will really start. In this guide you’ll find some tips and tricks to help you get the most credits and experience points (xp) out of the grey area.
Remember, your above level five now so uncommon gear will fit your BattleShip. It’s a good time to take a look at the market now. There are many uncommon items for sale at low prices.
If you want to know if a price is good or not you can always ask in corporationchat. Please remember that common items you find at startports will do too. Okay, what is it you should look at?

-Hull- A hull isn’t really necessary in the grey sectors as you are stronger then the NPC’s anyway, but there are some reasons you might want to take a look at them. First and main reason is Metal Hull Repair.
The best hull to pick is the Holocrine Shield. It has quite high shielding and with the metal hull repair you use less metal when you repair your ship and the advantage is of course that you got more metal to sell and make more credits.
Don’t spend more than one or two equipment points on a hull though.

-Storage-  As you may have read you want some storage space in your ship to avoid the jump to a starport every three or four npc’s you killed. An uncommon storage II or III will do perfectly and can be found cheap in the auction house.
Also the corporation can help you out with that so don’t forget to ask in corporationchat if you need one of those.

-Computer-  This is an interesting and different story. You won’t find many uncommon computers in auction house and if you find one you’re really lucky to find the right one. For this you should start searching at starports. What you want is a BattleShip class Sage MK computer. Why? it ads XP and you level much faster towards level ten and free black dollars. There are four types of Sage MK computers, mark I to IV. As each computer has its downside it depends on the number what these downsides are. My pick would be the Sage MK III. So always check starports on these computers. If you see one of these buy them anytime, even its not the MK III, but a I, II or IV, equip it and keep searching for the MK III as you level up. They are common, so cheap, and will be at great help.

-Gun- Starting off from a shuttle as a complete newbie a gun is a waste of equipment points, but now your got a real BattleShip things are about to change and you might want to look into getting one. As you may have noticed there are many different guns, all with their own pro’s and contra’s. Basically you can speak of slow and fast guns. Slow guns give much damage but have more cooldown time while fast guns give lower damage output but are much quicker ready to fire again.
It’s all a matter of taste but most people prefer fast guns for farming and slow guns for PVP. Beside the output damage every gun has its own advantages. As you are farming grey with as main goals level up fast and make a lot of credits these advantages can be of help. The best guns are the Oblivion and the Horror. Both ad extra XP for level up faster and shoot fast so try to track one down in auction house.

I hope all above will be of help for you and turns your shiny new BattleShip in a greyfarming monster, have fun!
And remember, save up creds as much as you can, you will need it later!

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Farming grey; You got your BattleShip, now what? Empty Re: Farming grey; You got your BattleShip, now what?

Post by KingCrazy on Fri Sep 13, 2013 6:33 pm

I would Just add that a fast hull with repair Exoprene Shield try to get uncommon 0ep To 2ep don't need hull for gray the only reason for this hull is to seed up jump time, the more you move the more you will kill.
         next storage 1 or 2 ep is good you should have gray mapped by now just move starport to starport selling every thing you get.
         Deploy drones, a fighter is going to help you kill faster and rapier drone is going to keep it and you safe. if you need black dollars you can fined them on marked or ask in Corp. if some one is selling
         Gun you want a fast fire gun nothing more then 6sec as big as you can get fill all remaining ep and if it has a seed boost to it even better,the faster the gun the more damage per second you can do so the faster you kill.
         Do this from level 5-15 and by time you hit level 15 you should make 2.5-4mill. that will give you nice start on gear

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