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Tips for farming Empty Tips for farming

Post by KingCrazy on Sat Oct 05, 2013 12:48 am

Tips for farming

Stay in groups
If u have just started and you’re in a corp. join up with any other newbie’s in the same corp...Or if you want, you could stick with high level players in your corp. Groups of four work best btw.

Make sure that between everyone in the group, has a good mix of fast and slow count weapons. This will ensure that npc’s go down fast and effectively. Another good idea is to sort of assign a healer class to the highest level player in the group. The healers job would be to keep the rest of the topped up with hull health. A good idea would be for the healer to at least be in a frigate or a destroyer and have a high attack weapon with only 1 ep... and the rest of the ep used for a good storage(storage iv would be a good choice).

If you are full with resources, make sure you sell them. Metals should not be sold past 50%, if there is a tech makes sure you feed. “transfer metals to this person”( all the group can heal themselves if no tech), but on the other hand, metals would fetch a good amount of credits when sold at a starport, so only sell if you have a Tech in your group or you are confident enough to sell and think you could heal after next kill.

black and pvp
If you reach a black area, return to grey as you could get shot down by more experienced players (eg. thefuzz[just using you as an example fuzz]). If you come across someone who has just come out of black (indicated by red name) DO NOT ATTACK... once you engage in pvp or go into a black sector, you will be pvp flagged meaning more experienced players (eg. thefuzz) can shoot u down.

Hope this helps guys

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