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Post by Torasu on Tue Oct 22, 2013 9:09 am

Items up for raffle are the fastest and easiest way to get expensive gear out to the corporation and/or alliance, at a reduced price to the individual player. Generally speaking, only Legendaryand higher rarities are auctioned off as this provides for best raffle value for players. The price of the item is always slightly higher in total ticket sales during a raffle, due to overhead costs, but its a percentage added on, of the going market rate for that particular item.

The market rate will be determined on the value of the item according to Rarity, Rank, Type, and Durability of the item.
10% will then be added to the total price as an overhead cost. If item is valued at $1,000,000 then the total ticket sales will be $1,100,000.
Tickets are sold at $50,000 increments. Raffles are best kept at 25 tickets for items with $50k and $100k ticket costs. If 25 tickets at $100k provides to few tickets, increase tickets in increments of 5. Odd numbers are confusing and subject some to confusion. You can also read up on raffles as to why not to do this.

The 10% is commission.

The 10% commission is split between alliance and the adminstrating corp.
60% to alliance.
40% to corp.

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