Alliance Annihilator Raffle

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Alliance Annihilator Raffle Empty Alliance Annihilator Raffle

Post by KingCrazy on Thu Oct 24, 2013 3:45 pm

Alliance Annihilator Raffle
Rules 176 tickets at $100,000 each no limit on tickets.
Winner is called once all tickets are sold.
One Rp Annihilator, if you already have a Annihilator or better you may take a 10,000,000 cash prize instead.

Now before you say WTF and do the math and say you are raising 17,600,000 and only paying out 10m guess what you are right but this is how the money will be spent.

$17,600,000 Total raised
-$ 10,000,000 or Rp Annihilator
-$6,000,000 for planet TF/leftovers from Rp Annihilator
-10%/$1,600,000 commission,  (40% to Corp. running raffle 60% to Alliance bank of the 1.6m)

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