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Post by KingCrazy on Fri Aug 23, 2013 7:31 pm

Black Dollars
Black Dollars (BDs) is the premium currency in The Infinite Black. Generally speaking, Black Dollar features allow you to do things a little bit better and a little bit faster. Black Dollars can be found by destroying enemies, defeating alien invasions, reaching level milestones, and winning contests. On average, over 125,000 BDs are found and given away each week...just by playing the game! You can also purchase Black Dollars with real money. By doing so, you help keep the game running and will ensure we can continue to develop The Infinite Black!
The Black Dollar Menu
Access the Black Dollar menu by pressing the (B) Icon on the game screen.

1. Jump The Rift - This button teleports you to The Rift. The Rift is another galaxy with more difficult enemies. It is not for new players, so Jump there at your own peril!

2. HyperDrive - This purchasable can be toggled On or Off. While activated, it reduces your Movement speed by 50%!

3. SuperCharge - This purchasable can be toggled On or Off. When it is on, it increases your chance of getting Critical Hits (double damage) by 5%.

4. Tactics - This purchasable can be toggled On or Off. Tactics gives you +5% extra evasion against enemy attacks.

5. MindSurge - This purchasable can be toggled On or Off. While activated, it doubles your experience from all kills!

6. Accelerate - Reduces asterid harvesting speed by 50%.

7. 1,000 credits - Converts 1 BD unto 1,000 credits. This is The Economy's floor set by us. You can get much better rates by buying Credits from other players.

8. Bank Size - Increases your Bank Storage Size (max of 100).

9. Inventory Size - Increases your Inventory Storage Size (max of 30).

10. Clear Death Lockouts - Removes the PVP death penalty lockout on the ship you died in.

11. Fighter - Summons a fighter to help you out. The Fighter attacks your target.

12. Repair Drone - Summons a drone to heal you.

Notes on Fighters and Repair Drones:
* You can heal fighters and repair drones with metals by long-pressing on them.
* By using the :recall command, you can recall fighters and drones. You are reimbursed 9 BDs when you recall.
* By joining a Corporation with the "Advanced Drones" Technology unlocked, you can double your Fighter and Drone statistics!

13. Mines - Mines are deployable objects that deal damage over time to enemy players in the sector.

Notes on Mines:
* Mines cannot be attacked
* Buying new mines will first try to repair friendly mines
* There cannot be more than 5 mine clusters in a sector
* Buying a mine when 5 already exist will replace an enemy's mine, except on an enemy Garrison
* Mines damage between 2.5% and 5% of a target's maximum hull
* Mines hit 5 targets per detonation, including Fighters and Drones
* Mines will NOT hit or be attacked by NPCs or defense units
* Mines do not need to be repaired to :RECALL -- 1 Hull = 1 BlackDollar, however the recall costs 5 BlackDollars

14. Wyrd Invader - A flagship-class ship with 11 EP and +5% innate Splash Damage chance.

15. Wyrd Assassin - A flayer-class ship with 12 EP and a built-in Ultra-Rare Stealth Engine that makes it so you cannot be followed by enemies and hides your location on the map!

16. Wyrd Reaper - An executioner-class ship with 13 EP and a built-in Tractor Beam that stuns enemies! Furthermore, equipping a Tractor Beam special into a Reaper increases its effective rarity rank by 2 (e.g. An uncommon tractor beam acts like an ultra-rare tractor beam in a Reaper)!

17-21. Alliance Purchasables - Gives everyone in your Alliance HyperDrive, SuperCharge, Tactics, MindSurge, or Accelerate. You are very kind! Note: Accounts under level 6 do not receive Alliance Buffs.

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