Buying and Selling in the Auction House

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Buying and Selling in the Auction House Empty Buying and Selling in the Auction House

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Selling Items and Resources for Fun and Profit
When you kill NPC opponents, you are able to salvage their ship for resources and items. As long as you have room in your inventory and storage, those items will be automatically transfered to your ship. If you do not have room, they will be jettisoned into the sector for anyone to pick up.

To buy and sell items, you need to find a sector with a StarPort. StarPorts drift around space, but one can always be found at Earth. When in a sector with a StarPort, it will appear beneath your ship. You can long-press on a StarPort to repair your ship using credits. By tapping on a StarPort you can access its features.

StarPorts have three tabs to choose from: Resources, Buy Items, and Sell Items.

Resources - In this tab you can sell resources you have acquired from defeating enemies and by harvesting asteroids. The numbers on the left in Red are resources you can buy, and the numbers on the right in Green are resources in your Storage that you can sell. To sell resources, just click on the -#s on the list, and you will get the appropriate amount of credits. The resource types are Organics, Gas, Metals, Radioactives, and Dark Matter.

Buy Items - In this tab you can swipe through a StarPort's inventory and find new and interesting items to purchase. Different StarPorts have different inventories. Many of the items you will see actually been found and then sold here by other players! To buy an item, select it with the green cursor and press Buy Item.

Before making your first purchases, make sure you understand how the Ship and Item system works!

Sell Items - In this screen you can look at your Inventory and sell any items you do not want to a StarPort for credits. Select the item you wish to sell with the green cursor, and press Sell Item.

The Market

The Market is an in-game system where you can buy and sell items or auction them off! You can access the Market by tapping on the Box icon directly under the Chat Bubble. Note: You can only buy and sell Uncommon or higher rarity items at The Market. Common items are relatively inexpensive, and can be found at StarPorts.

To search for items, press the SEARCH button. This loads up the Item Search screen.

When searching for items, select the Item Type and Item Quality you want to search for, then press SUBMIT.

The list of Uncommon Weapons that are available to purchase. The interface works just like StarPort shops!

Hint: While you are searching, you might see some interesting items you'd like to keep your eye on. By selecting that item and then pressing the Blue Button, you can add them to your Watch List.

When buying and selling items on the Market, there are two ways to do it:
1) Bidding - For the duration of the auction, you can place bids for an item. Once the auction completes, the highest bidder wins
2) Buyouts - Sellers can put a buyout price on an item. Whoever pays that price immediately wins that item

If you are outbid on an auction, you will immediately have that money returned to you. You can type :creditlog to see your most recent transactions.

When you buyout an item or win an auction, the item appears in your Bank, not your ship's inventory. You can only access your Bank from a Blue Sector or Corporation Garrison (headquarters).

To sell an item, click on the Sell button. When you do this, it brings up a list of items in your personal Bank. Once you select the desired item with the green reticle, you can press Set Buyout and/or Set Bid to set the selling values of your item. After that, hit Submit.

Select the item you wish to put on the Market with the green cursor.

Set a minimum bid price and a buyout on an item by tapping in the number ($200,000 in this case)

Once the item has been put on The Market, you can monitor its progress from the main Market screen, or by pressing the My Items button.


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