Corporations and Alliances Technology, and Corprate Ranks

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Corporations and Alliances Technology, and Corprate Ranks Empty Corporations and Alliances Technology, and Corprate Ranks

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Corporations and Alliances

As you have probably already found out, there are a lot of Corporations willing to invite new players to their ranks. Joining a Corporation is a great thing to do because you will be able to find other players to play with. They can also help you get acquainted with the game and might even help you buy a better ship! If you happen to join a new Corporation and they aren't to your liking, don't be afraid to look for a new one. Corporations come in different flavors. Some prefer to hunt NPCs, others are more focused on fighting other players, and others still do both! You can also make your own Corporation with your friends, but the price is a steep $500,000, so it will require a coordinated and concerted effort to raise those funds.

To make the initial experience for new players a little less confusing, they are unable to join Corporations until they reach Level 0.5.

Information and commands related to Corporations can be found by pressing the Help! or ?, "Commands list" button.

Alliances are groups of Corporations that work for a united purpose. Think of them as a Super-Corporation. When you join your new Corporation, you are also joining the Alliance it belongs to (if it belongs to one).

There are several immediate perks for joining a Corporation:
- You gain access to the Corporate Garrison (HQ)
- A garrison's Technology area gives everyone in the Corporation stat bonuses. The higher the Garrison Rank, the more bonuses it provides!
- Access to the Research facility allows you to upgrade your Garrison's Rank using resources. Upgrading a Garrison requires group effort.
- Obtain the Corporation Jump ability (tap your ship -> Actions tab -> Corp HQ Jump button) - This ability uses 2 Black Dollars, but lets you travel across the vastness of space instantly!
- Your Garrison Sectors are considerably safer than other Black Sectors
- You can access your Bank from your Garrison Sector

By joining a Corporation that is in an Alliance, you also gain some perks:
- You become friendly status with all allied players
- You can move around allied Garrisons safely, and don't have to worry about being attacked by enemies.
- Most importantly, you gain access to the Alliance Planet, which is where you can buy the more advanced Ships
- By working with others in your Alliance, you can use resources to terraform your Alliance Planet, unlocking new and better ships for everyone to use
- Participate in Alliance vs Alliance PVP, either in empty space or through Garrison Engagements.
The Alliance Menu
To access the Alliance and Corporation menu, press the Trophy button on the left-center side of your screen. This will open up your ship's profile.

From your profile, you can select your Alliance and Corporation and access their details. You can also select the Alliances and Corporations menu listing at the top, and view all the Alliances and Corporations in the game.

There's a lot of information on the Alliance screens, so here's the breakdown:
- The Alliance screen is organized alphabetically.
- The Alliance Planet's terraforming status is provided. There are currently 15 planet ranks, ranging from Dead World to Gaia V.
- The sector location of the Alliance Planet is shown. If an Alliance planet is not deployed, it will say so.
- The number of Corporations in each Alliance is listed.
- The best ship produced at the Alliance Planet factory is also displayed.

Corporations in each Alliance can be seen by tapping on the desired Alliance. Details include:
- Corporation Name
- Garrison Rank. The higher the rank, the more Technology bonuses the Corporation has. A higher rank also makes it more difficult for other Alliances to defeat your Garrison in PVP. There are currently 15 ranks of Garrisons.
- Garrison Location or deployment status. Alliances can have as many member Corporations as they would like, but only 8 garrisons can be deployed.
- The number of players in that Corporation, as well as a list of their names.

To see a breakdown of the different Ranks inside a corporation, scroll to the bottom of this page.

Garrisons are arranged in strategic positions ("clusters) to protect the Alliance Planet from Alliance vs Alliance PVP.
Garrison Technology
For every rank of Garrison progress, the corporation leader may invest one point into a technology bonus.

Each technology is flagged ON or OFF -- you cannot stack a bonus by investing in it more than once.

Invested points will reset any time the Garrison leaves the map, either with :RecallGarrison chat command, or when the Garrison is destroyed.

Advanced Defense
Your Garrison will spawn 6 Defense Platforms instead of 5 when attacked.

All ships within 5 sectors of your Garrison are visible on your map.

Defense Tactics
Engagements against your Garrison begin with 20 seconds fewer on the clock.

All attacks by ships in your Corporation deal +10% more damage against defensive units.

All attacks by ships in your Corporation deal +10% more damage against attackers in engagements.

This applies to defensive engagements in any sector -- not just your Garrison's sector.

NPCs killed by members of your Corporation reward more bank credits, drop more resources, and have a greater chance of spawning rare equipment.

All ships in your Corporation gain a +10% bonus to experience rewards.

All ships in your Corporation gain a +5% bonus to Critical Chance.

All ships in your Corporation gain a +5% bonus to Splash Chance.

All ships in your Corporation gain a +5% bonus to Evasion Chance.

To Hit
All ships in your Corporation gain a +8% bonus to Hit Chance.

Advanced Weapons
All ships in your Corporation gain +1 to their equipped weapon's rank.
EX: Pulverizer 12 deals damage like it is a Pulverizer 13

Advanced Hulls
All ships in your Corporation gain +310 Maximum Hull.

Advanced Storage
All ships in your Corporation gain +10 Maximum Resource Storage.

Advanced Engines
All ships in your Corporation have their movement cooldown reduced by 1 second.

Advanced Drones
All Fighters in your Corporation have 2x as much Maximum Hull, and deal 2x as much damage.
All Repair Drones in your Corporation have 2x as much Maximum Hull, and repair 2x as much damage.

Every 24 hours, all equipped items on all ships in your Corporation are repaired for 1% durability.
This does not apply to Engines or any item that is at 1% durability.
This happens at the same time that :Hardcore rewards take place.
Players do not need to be online, or at the Garrison.
Corporate Ranks & Permissions
Alliance Leaders
* Anyone of rank Leader in the Alliance's Lead Corporation
* Deploy Planet / Recall Planet
* Set Public Ship Sales
* Invite / Kick another Corporation
* Set Alliance MOTD

Corporate Leaders
* Deploy Garrison / Recall Garrison
* Lock / Unlock Garrison gateway movement
* Invite / Kick / Promote / Demote
* Set Corporate MOTD
* Kick anyone except other Leaders
* Promote anyone to any rank
* Bank Withdraw / Deposit
* Garrison items Add / Remove

* Invite / Kick / Promote / Demote
* Kick anyone below SuperOfficer
* Promote anyone below SuperOfficer
* Bank Withdraw / Deposit
* Garrison items Add / Remove

* Invite / Kick / Promote / Demote
* Kick anyone below Officer
* Promote anyone below Officer
* Bank Deposit
* Garrison items Add

* See all VISIBLE members
* See Alliance Chat
* Bank Deposit
* Garrison items Add

* Only see other Recruits
* Cannot see Alliance Chat
* Bank Deposit
* Garrison items Add

Warning If you do not know and trust someone, DO NOT EVER allow them to be a SuperOfficer: A SuperOfficer OWNS the corporation.

Anything they do is allowed, including kicking everyone and draining everything from your bank!

Promoting someone to Leader means they own the corporation permanently. Promote other players at your own risk!!




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