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After level to keep growing! Empty After level to keep growing!

Post by DaGuide on Tue Jan 28, 2014 5:16 am

Congratulations on your membership an flayer ship!
You’ve completed the first stage successfully, but things will get hard from here.
As you may have noticed the grey sectors won’t give  any recourses or xp anymore, you are forced to go out to black and that is a dangerous place to be! I will go through some tips and gear advice to help you through this stage of your development so you can keep growing to a point where the real fun begins.

As said, things will get rough from here and this might very well be the hardest part of the game. You gonna die a lot and it’s this phase where the consistent players step up.
You now have the required gear like a 0ep storage, a carbide hull X or equivalent and a slow, 16sec+ gun, but this gear is not gonna help you very much for farming. It is pvp gear and needed for defense and fleet activities.  To keep continue leveling and making credits you should aim for a farming set.
This can be quite cheap and I will give some options on gear, you want:

-A relative small hull. Don’t spend more than 5 ep on a hull, think about the composite, thorium or cytoplast hulls, they don’t give that much hull but are relative cheap and don’t slow you down as much. With a farming hull like this you also safe dura on your big hull so its ready for you when joining pvp. Most preferred would be the cyto hull because they have the heal bonus so you spend less metal on healing yourself.
-A relative big and fast gun, 6 seconds or less. Think autocannons, screamers, raputures and such.
With a big fast gun you kill your target fast and therefore make more credits. A rapture would be my weapon of choice because it adds metalhull repair, storage and hull. But again, every fast gun does the job and can be found cheap on auction house.
-Storage, you have the 0ep storage. Nice thing about this is you don’t waste ep on your ship. But for a farming setup you might wanna consider a slightly bigger one, just to prefend your 0ep from getting stolen when you die. A 1ep storage is much cheaper and easier to come by.
In the end, you should be able to obtain a farmingset with above guidelines relatively cheap. Also remember to check the inventory on the asgarddef 1 to 3 regularly. Gear in there is for corp use, just ask a online superofficer or leader to get the gearitem for you once you see something you might need.

Besides a farming set to help you level and safe up faster, here are some tips to advance your gameplay after level 15.
*As a member you have access to alliance chat. You will find a lot of people here and always people that want to farm with you. Just ask if anyone will join you are if there are any activities going on.
*NEVER farm near our cluster. I know you think its savest to farm near our garrisons but that’s exactly the spot any enemy will look first in search of kills. Make sure you find a safe spot far in black, although black is never safe. Farm in groups, use safety of numbers and stay away from the grey border.
*Special gear items:
As you probably noticed there is a “special” slot on your ship. Here you can equip all kinds of special items. The items you want to aim for first are:
-Tank Special: A tank special decreases the incoming damage by a lot. Wearing this item prefends you from dying and is very useful when your joining any pvp fleet. A flayer is targeted a lot in fleet battles but with a tank special you wont die as fast and therefore giving you more time to learn fleet mechanics and make some combat points. Please note that your output damage is also reduced so it’s not usefull at all for farming.
-AlienHunter special: The Alien Hunter is a perfect special for farming. Not only it increases the damage you deal on aliens, it also increases the resources dropped on kills. More resources mean more credits so if your able to buy one, its an awesome addiction to your farming setup.

All this will help you continue growing after level 15. Also make sure you ask for help and advise when needed ingame or on kakao chat.

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