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Post by Biergott on Wed Mar 26, 2014 1:24 pm

Asgard Rising
Asgard Alliance is back and here to stay. Tired of the same old same old, come join us and fight your way to the top. Using discipline, organization, and cooperation we plan on taking Asgard alliance to the top. Come be a part of the next big thing in TIB.

Asgard Alliance Charter
Mission:  To build Asgard alliance to become the top Superpower on the Gray Server

Daily Actions:  If it is red it is dead.  Plain and simple.  Any CF will be in alliance MOTD and alliance members are REQUIRED to read the MOTD each time they log in, and Asgard forum on regular bases to be sure they are following any current events.  

Basic Alliance Rules:  Whining, crying, not listening to leads in alliance chat will result in disciplinary actions.  We are all here to have fun, but if one person fails to follow instructions it can devastate the actions leads are trying to run.  We MUST be strict with this.  This is a war game, and we are a military organization and run that way.  So, if the Garrison is being busted, and leads call people off of certain garrisons multiple times, the corps should discipline their members.
Any arguments should go to private messages.  Infighting and name calling will not be tolerated in alliance chat.

Always follow Yellow and Purple text in Alliance chat.  If a lead calls for Garry Defense, ALL members should immediately Corp Jump and move to the back garrison or planet (whichever is furthest back) and await further orders.  

All players must come to the defense of other players.

Fleet drivers should go down with the ship.  This means if you are driving a fleet and are jumped by a much larger fleet, you can call EJ or CJ, but you cannot EJ or CJ until AFTER you make the call.  We will not allow drivers to jump to safety at the expense of the fleet they are driving.

Techs should always give 10 count before they cj after call.

No one can CJ or EJ until the call to do so is given.  For example, if you land on Garrison, plan to roll it unless told otherwise, or if you are in a fleet battle, plan to fight to the death unless told otherwise.

All players must CJ and sit at the planet when called to defend (more on that in the Member’s Responsibilities section)

All players must drop at least one full load of resources into Terraforming the planet each day it is deployed.

Each corporation is responsible for one deployment of the planet per week.

Each corporation must pay Alliance dues of 50 Black Dollars to the Alliance Bank per week, these will be used for Alliance perks.

Each corporation is responsible for their own garrison deployments.

Asgard Leads are the primary Alliance Leads, everyone from every corporation must follow their orders.
However, the alliance is a democracy.  To gain a voting position in the Alliance, you must meet the Asgard Lead requirements (listed in requirements section below), be active and participate in the Alliance, and will require a 2/3 majority vote by current voting leads to approve.

We will create a Red Alert Room on Kakaotalk app.  This will have very strict rules that MUST be followed.  People will have alerts on, and don’t need to see commentary, play by play, jokes or emojis there.  There are plenty of other chat rooms for that stuff.

All players MUST participate in PvP training and drills.

No players from Asgard alliance will ever brag, gloat or troll in server chat.  It is recommended not to participate in Server chat at all, but conversations with old friends or about the game in general will be permissible.  

Players are more than welcome to have their own Ceasefire agreements with past friends, etc. when they are farming.  However, when in an alliance fleet, these CF’s are not valid and ALL players MUST fire on targets designated by the Shot Caller or Driver.  Players found NOT firing on a CALLED target will be disciplined WITHOUT a warning, and in many cases, this will result in an instant kick from the corporation.

Asgard is not a “Baby Hunter” alliance; however, if an enemy ship comes into sector of an Asgard fleet, it WILL be killed, regardless of ship size or rank.  Think of it this way:  when we were all noobs, we died, and we died ALOT. No one gave us any special treatment.  Why should we let an enemy noob survive and make it that much easier for them to grown and someday kill us?  Regardless, this rule always refers to the driver’s “home rules” and he may call flayer or higher only.  As above, players in a fleet, not firing on a small enemy target as called by the driver or shot caller, will be disciplined appropriately.  

Disciplinary Actions for Players:  First offense:  Warning.  Second Offense: Demotion.  Third Offense:  Kick   Leads can always go directly to the kick option if the offense merits that action.  Of course, there are always gray areas, and leads can discuss disciplinary action in Lead Chat and in many cases, no action will be taken other than further education of the offending member or recruit.  Remember, we were all noobs once.  There is a lot to learn in this game.  We should not discipline fire, action, or willingness to help, but if the recruit doesn’t listen to orders, he or she can become a liability.  

Corporation Requirements/Recommendations: Every corporation in Asgard Alliance is required to adopt the following requirements as bylaws in their corporation. “See Asgard regs on our forum for our recipe for success.”

Minimum Requirements for Membership/Access to Alliance Chat, all not meeting requirements must stay as recruit.
1) Level 15
2) Flayer Class ship
3) 5500 hull min Carbide X, Osmium X or comparable
(This can be Uncommon, rarity does not matter, but hull size is required for rift and PvP)
4) 0EP Storage
(Again can be Uncommon just 0ep)
5) Long count gun, 17, 18, 19 or 20
(Uncommon fine, but gun is required for PVP fleets)

Asgard is NOT trying to dictate how you run your corporation, but just suggesting a model that has been successful.  However, it is expected that all new recruits meet the requirements for promotion to member to keep alliance chat clean and with ships able to participate in most fleet actions.  Levels above member are obviously up to the corporation, but it is highly recommended that they follow Asgard Corp requirements wherever possible as they are proven to build strong players. (See Asgard forum)

Corporation Issues, Method for Communication and Bringing Issues to the Table: Each Corp will have two representatives from their corporation put into a room that will be called the Asgard Council.  Here, they may bring forward thoughts, ideas, issues and changes and they would like to make in the Alliance. Voting will be handled in this Asgard Council for major changes, although the Alliance Leadership room, which will be separate from this room will have final say and veto power.  The majority of the decisions that are made in the council room will be representative of the Alliance, and it would be an extremely rare case that the Alliance Leadership to overrides this room.

Member Responsibilities:
1) First off defend all alliance members and follow leader calls. Drop a minimum of 1 to 2 full loads in your garrison/Planet for research every day that you play (not every day of the week.)  If, for some reason you are unable to make it to your garrison/planet on a daily basis to drop your research/TF loads, you can still accomplish this by simply depositing a little extra into the bank, or set aside one day a week where you spend several hours on TF/research.  There are many different methods that can be used to accomplish the research goal.  We just want to make sure everyone is participating in this and yes, this is one of those items that we track so as long as you were participating we will know.
2) Participate and help build your corporation, this can be done in many ways:  helping with extra deposits, researching the garrison, donating gear that is dropped to help with new players.
3) Stay active learn as much as you can.  Work on building better gear.  First thing you should work to words is a legendary storage and hull, then begin working on a better ship those two pieces of equipment will transfer to your next one guns computers special items do not. Keep that in mind when you’re purchasing some of the larger gear sets and specials
4) Help with recruits, take them into black make sure you are communicating with them. Everyone is learning as long as everyone is having a discussion about the related strategies and topics. If you are wrong somebody is going to correct you. Conversation keeps us active as an alliance and exchanging knowledge is very important to help get the newer members involved and growing.
5) Everyone MUST defend the cluster, the whole storage and gun requirements are used for this particular reason.  Honestly speaking, this part of the game can suck for lower level players. It’s very important that you jump to the cluster as quickly as possible if called for.  Most of the time you will be told to move to the rear garrison or planet, and to sit and wait for further orders, this MUST be done. This is the minimum requirement, and if your gear set does not make it possible for you to be involved with garrison defense then sit and wait will happen more often than not.  However part of defending our cluster and our base is the ability to build the fleet for PvP.   That is what you are there waiting for, and if we have enough ships to go after the opposing fleet we will.  But we need them at HQ and ready to go, unfortunately this means you’re going to spend a lot of time jumping and just sitting there.  
6) The next topic is Black Dollars; they are YOUR responsibility, especially with the amount of jumping back and forth and movement around the map.  One thing to understand is this is part of the game, so again it is your responsibility to make sure you have the black dollars on hand to jump to the Corp for defense.  There are lots of alliance black dollar perks such as Hyperdrive, Mindsurge and Tactics things like that that can be found on the black dollar menu those are very expensive and those are bought on a regular basis in this alliance. We recommend always keeping a minimum of 50 black dollars on hand. This allows you to Black Dollar heal when needed, jump around when needed, and redeploy drones and fighters when needed for PvP. Personally on a good day of PvP; many players blow through many more Black Dollars than 50. Yes, it is expensive but it is part of the game and it is something every player needs to understand.  Complaining about it gets us nowhere.

For more info and new player help go to Asgard of TIB Forum

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