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Recruitment Gear/Ship program Empty Recruitment Gear/Ship program

Post by KingCrazy on Tue Oct 15, 2013 2:06 am

This program is specifically designed to help you meet the minimum requirements to be a Asgard member. We understand that our minimum requirements are a hard goal to reach when first starting out. We would also like to impress on you that we are a team we work together and help each othere in any way we can. That being said let me break it down for you.

First off we need to get you Farming gray efficiently and we have found the best ship to do that with is a Battleship so just because you read this you now qualify for help with a battleship. Speak to a officer or Super officer when you have half the half of the in-game cost of a battle ship the corporation will supply the other half to get you going.

Now, all that battleship does is get you going and that doesn’t achieve to the minimum requirements of membership, if the next part does and we will cover that.

Your next goal is to save $500,000 you do this because that is half the cost of a flayer class ship and the corporation is going to split the cost of a flayer class ship with you(RP Flayers are excluded from this program of half off). Once you have your 500k and the required gear for membership Speak with a Super officer or a Lead at this point to get your Flayer class ship and promotion to full member.

Gear program now if you have your 500K and have met the other requirement, but you do not have the gear need, if we have the needed gear is in the garrison or the log and defend ships on the garrison (asgarddef1-3) then you may use the gear there to get yourself to the minimum requirements and get to member. Again talk to a Lead or Super officer to get help with this or if you have any questions

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