Kingcrazy’s guide to leveling and XP

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Kingcrazy’s guide to leveling and XP Empty Kingcrazy’s guide to leveling and XP

Post by KingCrazy on Thu Jan 30, 2014 2:56 pm

First off after level 15 and really after level 30, leveling becomes quite a bit more difficult. I’m sure everyone has felt the slow grind of just killing NPC after NPC for hours on end just to get to where you are.  Well guess what if you’re killing NPC’s to achieve your Xp and leveling you are doing it wrong.

There’s an extremely easy way to gain experience points and it has nothing to do with killing NPC’s it has to do the proper gear build and asteroids.  The basic strategy here is to as much XP bonus of gear to your ship as possible.  At the same time that you wouldn’t give your build lots of speed so you don’t spend a lot of time in between asteroids.  Then just like farming gray, when you moved StarPort to StarPort to selling your resources, instead of doing that you now move asteroid to asteroid harvesting the asteroids.  Fastest way to do this, is to purchase accelerate off the black dollar menu it cuts the cooldown time in half.  You also want to purchase Mindsurge in equal portions and make sure you set a minimum for that just below the amount of Xp you get from one asteroid. (Code :MSMin Amount of Xp) One last thing to remember before I give you a basic Xp build, is that the experience points for asteroids, are double in rift what they are in standard black space it’s good to have a good area of rift mapped where you can see Starport’s and lots of asteroids and use that area for your asteroid forming.

The build posted below is not the best but it’s a good basic idea and structure to give you something to build on top of.  With the proper gear set I’ve easily been able to achieve 120,000 Xp in a little over 90 minutes.  The better the Geary are using the faster you will level. In that 90 minute time  I was pulling an average of  740 Xp per asteroid.

Kingcrazy’s guide to leveling and XP Roid_x10

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