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Raffle Procedures Empty Raffle Procedures

Post by Torasu on Tue Oct 22, 2013 5:05 pm

Outline of Raffle Recording and Processing

Ticket Number Recording Online and Offline

Online ticket recording has simplified and sped up the process of getting ticket numbers out to people.In KakaoTalk, you simply create a chat room to post who you sold a ticket to, what that ticket was for, and what number was given. For ease of sales, numbers are sold in sequential order, all raffles would start at ticket number 1.

Layout is as shown for simplification: Corp - (name) [raffle] (ticket number)
Example: Corp - Torasu Leg AC XII Ticket 17
Example: Alliance - Bandicoot Anni Ticket 78

Offline ticket sales, are done with pen and paper. This requires one trusty person to handle all numbers only. Tickets are sold by the raffle team, and then the person handling the numbers is told who a ticket was sold to. The number is recorded, then sent out. A little bit of patience is required. But people still get their numbers.

The Raffle Team Lead is the number caller. The team lead is not allowed to know who has what number at any time. If he finds out, the numbers that were seen, must be removed from the raffle and new numbers sent out. If 60 tickets in a raffle, and raffle team lead see's numbers 20-30 or knows who has them, those numbers are removed from the raffle and the raffle now has 70 tickets, but tickets 20-30 are invalid and cannot be used.

Raffles can be closed once a set number of tickets has been reached, if interest is lost in the raffle. The raffle team can close ticket sales on a raffle at anytime if it is needed.


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